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this smoke is in my blood

like a megalomaniacal tab on my tongue

31 March
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I am the fucking Captain Mal of livejournal.
And Corey Motherfucking Taylor is my soulmate.

Mal by locker_monster

► I Am

This journal is quasi-friends only...
graphics are always public. 9 outta 10,
you friend me, I'll friend you.
Just comment here to be added.
I won't bite, but you should still run. --->

All... ▼

What makes life bearable: my nugget. music.
(tops-Metallica, Slipknot, Stone Sour,
Alice in Chains, Rammstein, Marilyn Manson,
Katatonia, Seether, Trivium, Mastodon)
kids, writing, reading, guitar, movies, masonry,
sci-fi, fantasy, graphic art, web design, storms,
photograpghy, video games, drawing, dirt bikes...

▲ But What

Are you still reading? Very impressive... here, have
a strudel. Erm.. some labels... let's get some labels
up in here, heh.. loner people person.. stubborn.. angry..
smart ass.. animal lover.. nature lover.. humor lover..
eclectic.. metalhead.. potty mouth.. dissident.. hugger..
wordnerd.. longtime vegetarian.. antagonistic.. geek..
reluctant misanthrope.. obsessive.. conflicted..
armchair half-assed dipshit pseudo-philosopher..
eccentric.. bit hippie.. bit punk.. bit goth.. and a
whole lot uberdork.. and I'm shutting up now. If your
face melted..well, I did warn you. Stupid head. ^-^

Am I? ◄

Erm... lessee, when it comes to the graphics I make,
feel absolutely welcome to use, tha's why I make 'em.
I don't have any rules... they're more like guidelines.
Strike that... they're more like suggestions.

If you take an icon or whatnot, gimme some comment luv.
If you use it, credit is the shiznit.
If you want the original image, just ask, don't edit.

Das it. And none of that am I a gestapo about.
Only when it comes to any original writing...
Touch not. Tockolash will get you.


a perfect circle, afi, alchemy, alice in chains, all that remains, american psycho, apocalyptica, art, atreyu, avenged sevenfold, batman begins, battlestar galactica, bullet for my valentine, cate blanchett, celtic mythology, chris fehn, christian bale, christopher nolan, cky, clutch, corey taylor, craig jones, dexter, donnie darko, drawing, eddie izzard, empire of the sun, equilibrium, ewan mcgregor, fantasy, fight club, film, firefly, five finger death punch, forrest griffin, full metal alchemist, girl in the café, gizmachi, godsmack, gothic, graphics, guitar, headbangers ball, heath ledger, helena bonham-carter, house, iced earth, jerry cantrell, jim root, joey jordison, johnny depp, katatonia, katee sackhoff, lacuna coil, lord of the rings, lost, macabre, mad season, marilyn manson, memento, metal, metallica, mick thomson, moonspell, mudvayne, music, nathan fillion, nightmare before christmas, norse mythology, occult, once, opeth, pantera, paradise lost, paul gray, philosophy, photography, photoshop, pirates of the carribean, poisonblack, psychology, rammstein, reading, ryan gosling, sci-fi, seether, sentenced, serenity, shawn crahan, sid wilson, slipknot, static x, stay, stone sour, tarot, the 5th element, the crow, the dark knight, the joker, the machinist, the order, the prestige, the princess bride, the ultimate fighter, three days grace, tiamat, tim burton, tool, trivium, true blood, ufc, vampires, walls of jericho, watchmen, web design, werewolves, willow, writing, you, zen